Elevated Success Clothing owns a number of trademarks, including #LoveNoThot, #TrustNoOpp, Elevated Success. The trademarks are PROTECTED in both word and logo form. Any mark ending with Any Design, Phrase and Or Clothing Seen On This Here Site Or is sufficiently similar to one or more of the trademarks Named Above, permission will be needed in order to use Them. This policy encompasses all marks, in word and logo form, collectively referred to as “Trademarks”.

If you wish to use any of Elevated Success Clothing's trademarks you must comply with this policy. Note that if there's a commercial intent to your use, then you will always need a formal license from us for trademarks and other copyright materials. 

We Hold The Right To Sue Any & All Parties Who Copy Any Exact Designs Or Their Likeness & Receive Compensation For It Without our Permission.